Since GLI’s very first investment in Noonday Market, one of our close partners has been Rockford Construction. Their mission to develop, construct, and manage buildings where innovation, creativity, discovery, and collaboration can flourish aligns with our core value of putting people first. That’s why we’re working alongside them to bring our first commercial real estate investment to life.

To ensure this development supports community growth in Grand Rapids’ ever-expanding West Side, we’ve teamed up with strong tenants and investment partners like Meijer, Bridge Street Market, Rockford Construction, Inner City Christian Federation, 614 First Street, and Rockford Development Group.

Stockbridge Retail development will be located on Stocking Avenue, running from Bridge Street to First Street. It will reside at the base of a five-story, 64-unit, multifamily project. Our prime location at the end of the Bridge Street corridor offers the opportunity to foster neighborhood connections while enhancing those already in place.