As its third investment, GLI opened a Subway Restaurant, as a tenant inside Noonday Market, providing the community with its first, and much needed, food amenity outside of the casino footprint . It also created synergies within Noonday Market through added convenience for its guests as well as the ability for both businesses to share resources to lower expenses. Through meeting the market demand, GLI created an additional 15 job positions, from entry-level through management positions.

Given the high level of risk with opening a new restaurant, GLI needed a model with a very high level of brand awareness. Subway’s 44,000 stores and its current standing as the world’s largest restaurant chain, combined with providing its franchisees with all of the necessary tools to be successful, made this an attractive choice. Additionally, GLI expanded their relationship with J&H Family Stores, a local family-owned operator of over 50 convenience stores and a portfolio of Subway restaurants, to provide management oversight and support.

GLI successfully negotiated opening with Subway’s brand new “Fast Forward” concept, one of the first in the country at the time. This concept highlights Subway’s fresh ingredients through its new design and implements new technology, such as self-order kiosks and digital menu boards. GLI was also attracted to Subway’s commitment to sustainable social, environmental, and animal welfare practices.