Gun Lake Investments acquired Commercial Sanitation Management Services (“CSM”) at the beginning of 2018. Based in Hudsonville, Michigan, CSM is a leading facilities management company, servicing a large portfolio of commercial and educational clients throughout Michigan. Since their beginning, CSM has consistently grown their business through their focus on closely collaborating with their clients. The company, was founded in 2000 by two West Michigan residents, Mike Herrema and Steve Latimer. The founders will continue serving in executive roles to provide leadership to the organization.

The acquisition will build capacity and capabilities for both CSM and GLI. CSM, which has a team of nearly 500 employees, will add new positions across the organization, including human resources, sales, analytics and operations. GLI will add to their team to centralize various administrative and accounting functions to provide additional scale. Additionally, the acquisition provides CSM the ability to work with companies throughout the state and country that are focused on increasing their diversity and inclusion activities, and working with minority-owned businesses.

This investment fit perfectly into GLI’s investment parameters. The company maintained a strong balance sheet and demonstrated significant profitability over the past several years. The founders of CSM believed in the purpose and mission of GLI, and are committed to a structure that aligns their interests with GLI. Additionally, the acquisition allowed CSM’s founders to meet their own personal goals to expand the companies services, geographic reach, and overall sales.